Can Sharks Survive in Pool Water? Exploring the Risks of Petting Sharks in Swimming Pool

Sharks are a fascinating group of marine animals that have been living in our oceans for millions of years. These graceful creatures can be found in almost every ocean in the world, from shallow coastlines to deep sea trenches. Sharks can be found in both saltwater and freshwater habitats, but the majority of shark species live in saltwater. Most sharks prefer warm tropical waters, but they can also be found in colder regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. But the question is, can sharks swim in a swimming pool? The short answer is no, sharks cannot survive in a swimming pool.

The Risks of Petting a Shark in a Swimming Pool:

can a shark survive in a swimming pool

Here are a few reasons why sharks cannot be kept as pets in a swimming pool. Make sure to read them all to gain a better understanding.


The first factor is that sharks need a large volume of water to move around and breathe. A swimming pool doesn’t have enough water for a shark to move and breathe properly.

Water Properties:

Salt water is also essential for sharks to maintain proper salt levels in their body. Freshwater swimming pools do not have the necessary salinity for a shark to survive and can be detrimental to their health.

Moreover, most swimming pools are treated with chemicals such as chlorine to keep the water clean and safe for human use. These chemicals can be harmful and even fatal to sharks if they were to swim in a pool that has been recently treated.

Oxygen Levels:

The oxygen level in a swimming pool is much lower than what sharks need. This is because the water in a pool is constantly being circulated and filtered, which removes oxygen from the water.

License and Legal Formalities:

The laws and regulations regarding keeping marine animals in captivity can vary from country to country. In many places, it is illegal to capture and keep sharks in swimming pools or any other type of enclosure without proper permits and licenses.

Now that you understand why sharks cannot survive in swimming pools, if you still have an interest in keeping them, aquariums are the best choice. Certain shark species can be housed in large and specialized aquariums, but they require extensive care and maintenance. Prior to considering shark ownership, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and seek advice from experts to ensure the well-being of both the shark and yourself.

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