Step-by-Step Guide for Removing Wrinkles in a Swimming Pool Liner

A pool liner is an integral component of your swimming pool, acting as a barrier between the pool water and the pool walls and floor. Unfortunately, several factors can cause unsightly wrinkles, including poor installation, chemical imbalance, and temperature changes. These wrinkles not only detract from the overall aesthetics of your pool but can also lead to uneven wear and potential damage.

Understanding how to effectively remove these creases can help maintain the integrity and longevity of your pool liner.

How to Get Wrinkles (creases) Out of Pool Liner?

There are many ways to get wrinkles out of a pool liner, and the method you choose will depend on the severity and cause of the wrinkles.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Pool Liner?

Cause: Poor Installation

Solution: Drain and Reinstall

If your pool liner was not properly installed, the wrinkles may be caused by excess material or air pockets. In this case, draining the pool and reinstalling the liner is the most effective solution. This will allow for a smoother and more secure fit of the liner. It is important to seek professional help when reinstalling a pool liner to ensure proper installation techniques are used.

Cause: Water Imbalance

Solution: Adjust Chemical Levels

Water imbalance, specifically high pH levels, can cause wrinkles to form on your pool liner. To resolve this issue, test the water and adjust the chemical levels accordingly. It is recommended to keep pH levels between 7.2-7.6 for optimal pool liner maintenance.

Cause: Temperature Changes

Solution: Use Sunlight

Temperature fluctuations, specifically high heat, can cause wrinkles to appear on your pool liner. To remove these wrinkles, expose the affected area to direct sunlight for a few hours. The heat will help soften the material and smooth out the wrinkles.

Cause: Damaged Liner

Solution: Replace Liner

Over time, pool liners may become worn and stretched, resulting in the formation of wrinkles. In this case, the best solution is to replace the pool liner entirely. This will not only remove any existing wrinkles but also prevent future ones from appearing.

Cause: Heavy Rainfall or Flooding

Solution: Use a Pool Cover

In cases of heavy rainfall or flooding, excess water can cause wrinkles to form on the pool liner. To prevent this, use a pool cover during extreme weather conditions to protect the liner and maintain its smooth surface.

Other Ways:

If you still facing wrinkles on your pool liner after trying the above solutions, there are some additional methods you can try:

Use Plunger

Utilizing a plunger to alleviate air pockets and eliminate unsightly wrinkles can prove highly efficacious for minor wrinkle concerns. Merely apply gentle pressure to the affected area with the plunger and delicately depress to expel excess air.

By Suction

A pool vacuum or a wet/dry vacuum can also be used to suction out any trapped air or water causing wrinkles on the liner. Be sure to use a gentle suction setting and move the vacuum in a circular motion for best results.

Eliminate the leaks

To ensure your pool stays in top shape, make it a habit to regularly inspect and fix any leaks. This prevents water from gathering beneath the liner and causing unsightly wrinkles. Additionally, proper leak prevention helps maintain the ideal water balance in your pool.

Get a Pro

If all else fails or if you are unsure of how to proceed, it is best to seek professional help. A pool technician can accurately diagnose the cause of wrinkles on your liner and provide the necessary solutions for a smooth and beautiful pool.

Remove wrinkles out of Intex Pool Liner (Above Ground Pools):

Intex pools are a popular and affordable option for homeowners, but they can also be prone to wrinkles. To remove wrinkles from an Intex pool liner, follow these steps:

  1. Drain the pool completely.
  2. Lay the liner flat on a large, clean surface such as a driveway or lawn.
  3. Use a fan to dry off any excess water from the liner.
  4. Using a hairdryer on low heat, gently warm up the wrinkled areas of the liner.
  5. Once warmed up, smooth out the wrinkles with your hands or a soft cloth.
  6. Allow the liner to cool and then reinstall it into the pool by stretching it evenly over the frame.
  7. Fill the pool with water and adjust chemical levels as necessary.

By following these methods, you can effectively remove wrinkles from your pool liner and keep your swimming pool looking beautiful and well-maintained. Remember to regularly check for any potential causes of wrinkles and address them promptly to ensure the longevity of your pool liner.


Wrinkles on a pool liner may seem like a minor issue, but they can lead to bigger problems if left unresolved. By understanding the causes and proper solutions for removing wrinkles, you can keep your pool looking its best and extend the lifespan of your liner. Remember to regularly maintain your pool water balance and seek professional assistance when needed for optimal results. Now, go enjoy your wrinkle-free pool!

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